Fleet Week in San Francisco

This Columbus Day weekend, the United States Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard will come together in and around San Francisco for an unparalleled display in the air, on the water and on land.

Fleet Week runs from October 4th – 8th, and attracts over a million people to the San Francisco Bay area to take in concerts, air shows, tours of ships and other attractions.

This year’s Fleet Week features the Humanitarian Assistance Village, where visitors can learn about the ways Bay Area First Responders and members of the U.S. military train for disasters wherever and whenever they might strike.

The real treat, however, is in and above the water. The weekend brings a parade of Navy and Coast Guard ships including fireboats, amphibious assault vehicles, destroyers and more. Some ships are available to tour.

In the sky, Fleet Week’s air show is an incredible collection of fighter jets, helicopters, rescue aircrafts and more. Set against the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Bay, the aerial display is just one of many components of Fleet Week that will make this Columbus Day weekend one you won’t soon forget.

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