Pablo Picasso in Toronto

Pablo PicassoThere’s never been an artist quite like Pablo Picasso. The Spaniard redefined art in the twentieth century through Cubism, collage, sculpture and so much more.

Toronto’s Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) is hosting some of Picasso’s greatest works in an exhibit called Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National de Picasso, Paris. This unique installation features some of Picasso’s most famous pieces split into seven themes such as “Surreal Anxiety and Desire” and “The Joy of Life and Last Years.” It’s an opportunity to experience the progression of Picasso’s life in tandem with his evolution as an artist.

Personal reflections of the artist appear in various self-portraits from the Blue and Rose collections, as well from his Cubist, Neoclassical and Surrealist periods. Picasso was also a sculptor, and many of his sculpted pieces are featured in the AGO exhibit.

Established in 1900 and expanded in 2008 with Frank Gehry-designed architecture, The AGO is the perfect venue to host a collection of this magnitude and importance. The building is as much a work of art as the pieces it houses. Catch this groundbreaking exhibit (which runs until August) and learn about the man and his masterpieces.

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