February 13th -19th 2012

In its most recent issue, Scientific American reports that the cacao tree, the source of cocoa, chocolate’s defining ingredient, is under threat. Pests, climate change, and farmers’ limited access to fertilizers have put the cocoa tree in peril. If this continues, the demand for chocolate may soon outstrip supply.

Is it possible that this “food of the gods,” as the ancient Mayans called it, will eventually become a luxury item reserved for the fabulously rich, or even a mere memory? Well, despair not. Scientists are working hard to fix the problem. And if no one knows what the future holds for chocolate, supplies will at least last for this Valentine’s Day, when most folks go on a chocolate bender, and for Chocolate Week in New York City, where true chocoholics can and will find nirvana.

Final preparations are underway for Chocolate Week, being staged at twelve New York City restaurants from February 13 through 19. Created in 2011, Chocolate Week is the first NYC event dedicated to the art of cooking chocolate. Modern cuisine has embraced chocolate as an elemental ingredient. Chefs will showcase its dynamic nature through food and wine pairings, and offer complementary desserts to patrons. Participating restaurants include Opia, DBGB Kitchen & Bar, DB Bistro Moderne, Orsay, Cercle Rouge, Serge Bistro, Gascogne, Bistro Vendôme, Jean-Louis and both locations of the Ayza Chocolate & Wine Bar.

City Bakery also announced its lineup of flavors for its 20th annual Hot Chocolate Festival taking place throughout February. Highlights include an ambrosial “Love Potion” on Valentine’s Day. City Bakery is located at 3 W. 18th St. One, 7th Avenue South, New York.

Conceived by the MPB Agency, Chocolate Week’s sponsors include Cacao Noel. Action Against Hunger is the charitable partner. Prices vary at each restaurant; some require reservation in advance. The Chocolate Week special is not available on Valentine’s Day.

Our hotel experts recommend The New York Palace, a midtown jewel and a customer favorite for exceptional service and great rates, along with their GILT restaurant and bar for notable cocktails and desserts. For chocolate lovers, stay at the City Club, for their DB Bistro Moderne is participating in the event and the room upgrade is on us.


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